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Black Charm

Kemetic Charm Set

Kemetic Charm Set

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This elegant set features 4 charms that represent African culture through Adinkra symbols, and is available in three different metals. Enhance your current bracelet with these charms.

5% of each sale goes to support The Re-Education Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching Black History, African Culture, Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, Literacy, and Social Intelligence to Black Youth.

  • The Kemetic charms are important symbols from ancient Kemet (Egypt). This African civilization was the longest civilization in world history and produced many important philosophies that are still represented throughout Africa today.
    • Ankh: complementarity between man and woman, and everlasting life
    • Eye of Ra: protection against negative energy while bringing in positive and harmonious energy
    • Mer: pyramids were sacred sites in ancient Kemet
    • Nefertiti: a powerful Kemetic queen; name translates to “a beautiful woman has come”
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